Remove the defroster vents by prying upward gently on the center part first. Then remove the two screws and pry the vents out. Under those are the top three 10mm bolts.




I used a u-joint and some extensions to remove them: (alternatively, you can use Sears tools)

Now its on to the lower bolts. There are four on each side, two near the door, and two in the center.

Driver’s side:
Passenger’s side:

Remove the two 12mm bolts on either side of the steering column, and the steering wheel. (Pictured looking up from floor):

Make a final pass, bending all the wire clips out, and making sure the harness is free of the dash. Unhook this white clip from the dash:

At this point, you may want to remove the shifter knob, a- pillar trim, and turn signal assembly for clearance. I chose to leave them on, except for the pillar trim. Be careful of the levers if you choose to do so.

Dash pulled out slightly:

Once you have the dash out to this point, there is a ground wire on the backside of the radio opening. Use an 8mm to remove it. (Pictured looking up from floor, back towards hatch area):

At this point, you should be able to lift the dash up and out. Once it is out, you are left with this:

Plus a lot of parts to look forward to reinstalling: