Keep the cells filled to the split ring (except sealed maintenance-free batteries) but not any higher. You’ll know when they’re filled by the almond-shaped “eye” reflection produced when the water reaches the level of the split ring. Water levels have to be topped up periodically say, every six months. Use distilled water ONLY.

Keep the battery terminals and clamps clean. Use a wire brush to clean the inside of the clamps and outside of battery posts as necessary, typically every three months or so. If you don’t, one day the car will start just fine and you’ll leave home to pick up a paper and when you try to start the car it won’t even click let alone crank over. The number one cause is build-up between the battery posts and the clamps, and this is true with any car, not just RX7s. Undo the terminals, clean them up with a wire brush (or better yet, a battery post cleaner) re-attach and you’re good to go.

You can keep this build-up from forming in the first place by smearing the terminals with dielectric grease or “plastic spray,” which keeps the battery fumes from coming in contact with the terminals and corroding them.…


Pads: The front brake pads do not have “squealer tabs” (ie: small metal tabs that warn you when your pads are almost worn out before they score the brake rotors). Inspect these pads every four months or so. If their thickness is less than 1/8″ replace them. The procedure for doing this has been detailed on at least one thread that can be accessed via the “search” button.…

Get Proper Vehicle Insurance In a Bat of An Eye Without Visiting Any Physical Office

Driving a car without insurance is illegal, and drivers may land into unnecessary trouble for doing it. It is vital to ensure that you always have proper cover before taking your automobile for a spin. It also applies in situations where drivers have just bought a new vehicle from their favorite dealership and want to go home or to their businesses as they never know what may happen en route. You never have to step into an insurance office as it is possible to get fast Brampton Auto Insurance online without moving from your desk by following the steps below:

  1. Do a Quick Online Search

It will present different options regarding policy providers as well as comparison tools that can help identify the insurance companies that offer reasonable rates. Go through reviews from past clients to ensure that you are working with a reliable service provider.

  1. Contact your Preferred Agent

After identifying the service provider to work with, go ahead and contact them or leave them a message on their official page so that they can get back to you within the shortest time possible. Talking directly to the agent will let you know the coverage options they have. At this point, you can also answer questions about your car and the people who intend to drive it and details of the current cover so that the providers can have all information they need.

  1. Explore Discounts

Do not always settle for the first price that the agent delivers. You can hugely lower premiums by studying insurance discounts that your service provider extends. While doing this, you may also customize your policy with additional options like accident forgiveness and roadside assistance among many others to get the ones that work for your situation.

  1. Settle on a Policy

Never commit to an insurance plan before going through all packages with different levels of pricing and coverage. It is a convenient way to be aware of your options so that you select a policy that suits your budget and needs. After noting your ideal policy, choose a payment method to complete the transaction. From here you can download proof of insurance card.

After purchasing the new auto cover, you get instant proof of insurance either by fax or email. Keep this document in your car to prove that you a have valid policy. As soon as the insurance has been issued, your service provider will mail the proof …

Catalytic Converters

If you still have the stock catalytic converters (“cats”) on your exhaust system you may see the “overheat exhaust system” warning light on the instrument panel light up. This requires attention because it means that your pre-cats (the ones ahead of the main cat) are plugging up from years of exhaust deposits. This plugging up causes the exhaust to overheat, and some of that heat will cause local overheating of the engine that won’t show up on the temp guage.

The cure is to remove the pre-cats The main cat typically doesn’t plug, in spite of what some mechanics may tell you in an effort to sell you a new (expensive) main cat. Next, use a welding rod or other slim object to punch the deposits out of the pre-cats and then re-install them.…